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French specification.
« le: 01 Juin 2012 - 18:23:34 pm »
You can ask here any question that you ask on french regulation.  sim 68 I know a lot of misleading information are in the press ...

I put here some of the responses I've made on the VIF.
We have here some policemen that may have more specific answers if necessary...  sim 10

- No yellow or reflective jacket is needed to ride thru France  sim 102 the law can change in few month but nothing for 2012.
- The radar detection devices are absolutely not allowed !!!  sim 61
- You can have POI's indicating radar position; they are no more radar indication but danger indication and the areas shown are less accurate. (new firmware of your GPS make it automatically )
- Police cannot catch your GPS to know what's inside; it's yours; they need a judge and it is very rare ...

So have a nice trip, and enjoy your Dero  sim114  sim 120  sim 142